Answered By: Paul Bridden
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I am new to BC and don't have a BC login for Canvas. What do I do?

  • Contact your academic department.

I don't use Canvas for my courses, how do I access the Course Resources tool?

I'm teaching, but when I log into Canvas I do not see my course. What do I do?

  • You will need to reach out to your department and ask to be assigned as the Teacher for the course in Canvas. Once you have been assigned to the course, you can access the reading list via the "Course Resources" tab in Canvas. You may need to add readings yourself if a list has not been previously created.

I cannot locate a previously created list, what do I do?

I cannot associate a list I have created with the correct course, what do I do? 

I would like my Teaching Assistant (TA) to edit my reading list. How do I do that? 

  • First, add your TA to your Canvas course with the role of Teaching Assistant.  Then within Canvas, open Course Resources. On the right side of the screen, click Collaborators, then Manage collaborators. Enter the name of your TA and click SEND INVITATION.

My reading list is labeled PUBLISHED. What does that mean?

  • The list is viewable by students, although staff may still be processing some requested materials. If you have questions about the status of items on your list, please email or contact your subject librarian.
My reading list is labeled DRAFT. What does that mean?
  • The list is not viewable by students and the library has not begun processing the readings. To notify library staff to begin processing instructors must click the SEND TO LIBRARY button in Course Resources.

I want an item on my reading list to be provided in a specific format. How do I communicate this to library staff?

  • Use the Library discussion to add your request to an item on your reading list. Library staff will add a tag 'purchase in progress' to the citation as soon as a purchase request is submitted, or library staff will follow up if clarification is required.

When I submit a note using Library discussion. Who is notified? 

  • The libraries have several staff members responsible for processing reading lists. One member of staff will assign themselves to your list and will be responsible for replying to any discussion notes. 

I am teaching 2 sections of the same course, how do I re-use the same reading list?  

  • Associate the existing List with additional courses/sections.  Use the Manage course association link in the List menu.

How do I know that my list that I sent is complete and my students can see it?

  • If the list has a label PUBLISHED in the top left corner of the screen, then students can see it. Each citation will either be marked COMPLETE or BEING PREPARED. You can see the list as a student by clicking the 2 dots next to the collaborator label and selecting, view list as a student.

How do I move items on my list to the modules in Canvas?

  • Within the Modules, add External Tool > Course Resources.  Open the list and then from the section or citation menu, choose Re-link from Canvas to here

How do I request the library to purchase material for my course?

  • Create a reading list and add a citation for the item. We will search for it and buy it if we can.

If I use the shareable link for a list, section, or item will that link work next year?

  • Best practice is to create a new shareable link for the current semesters list.