Answered By: Steve Runge
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black and white photo of The Architects' Collaborative group arranged around a table with an architectural model, with Walter Gropius seated at the center

Photo: from Historic New England

O'Neill Library was designed by The Architects' Collaborative (TAC), who designed several other well-known buildings, such as the MetLife Building (the Pan Am building at the time it was built in the 1960's) in New York, the JFK Office building in Boston, and the Walter Gropius Haus in Berlin. The group was founded by Walter Gropius, one of the preeminent architects of the 20th Century, known primarily for his foundational work with the Bauhaus movement. The hallmark of TAC was not necessarily the style of its designs, but its commitment to a collaborative design process.

Black and white picture of an architectural model of O'Neill Library