Answered By: Steve Runge
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Call numbers in BC Libraries follow the Library of Congress Classification (LC) System. Each call number starts with letters, which classify works by subject area. For example, all numbers starting with B are related to Philosophy, Psychology, and Religion, and call numbers starting with BV are related to "Practical Theology." 

In a catalog record, click on the blue Locate link for a map and exact shelf location.

Screenshot showing call number and locate link in search results of Holmes

When you know the shelf location, it can still be tricky to find the location of an individual book. This is how the sequencing works:

photo of books on a bookshelf

Here is a sample of call numbers in order, corresponding to books on the shelf from left to right:

BV4501.3 .S56 2002

BV4501.3 .S65 2003

BV4501.3 .V35 2005

BV4501.3 .W37 2010

BV4501.3 .W53 2001

BV4501.3 .W5427 2005

BV4501.3 .W578 2008

BV4501.3 .Z66 2011

BV4502 .D67 2005

Just remember, if there's a period, read it like a decimal: .W5427 comes before .W578